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At Capstone Insurance, we offer a variety of insurance packages through our team of professionals. We are committed to selecting and tailoring the products that best meet your insurance needs. Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority.

Auto Insurance

In British Columbia, every motorist must have Basic ICBC Autoplan Coverage in place. Capstone Insurance can provide this coverage through our licensed professionals. Also, remember to ask us about our additional, optional coverages which include: collision and comprehensive insurance and extended third party liability.


Property Insurance

Home Insurance

Given the relatively high value associated with your home, it is vital to ensure adequate coverage. In general, your homeowners insurance premium is determined based on the replacement cost of your home, which we will calculate through an industry accepted method. The relevant risk factors such as the location of building, your claim history and your optional coverage will also affect your insurance premium. In addition, our agents will make every effort to ensure that you receive all applicable discounts.

Condominium Insurance

Strata corporations are responsible for placing insurance on the building, yet strata unit (condo) owners need to obtain their own insurance policy to cover:

  • Personal contents and liability
  • Unit improvements and betterments
  • Strata policy water damage deductible

Tenant Insurance

If you are renting your residence, you will need to arrange insurance to cover your personal contents, as well as liability. Additional living expense coverage is another important feature of this type of insurance as the additional costs related to temporary accommodations can be substantial.


Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you need insurance to protect you and your company from liability and financial losses. Each business is unique and has its own specific insurance requirements. We work with you to identify your risks and tailor your insurance package to protect against damage to the physical assets of your company (building, equipment, furniture, etc,), lost income from business interruption, liability arising from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury to third parties and other risks associated with your operations.


Travel Insurance

Are you planning a family vacation across the border or are you a visitor to Canada? Travelling can be an adventure. But to keep your trip from being too much of an adventure, make sure you’re protected. We have all heard the story where a supposedly happy trip turned into a financial disaster. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you obtain proper medical coverage against sudden, unforeseeable circumstances.

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